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Forming a Band

Forming a Band

While most people watch movies like “School of Rock” and dream of forming their own band, few people pursue those dreams. If you grew up playing an instrument and have a passion for music, why not follow through with those dreams and form your own band. Whether you plan on gaining world fame or playing in local cafes, follow these steps for success.

Find the Members

You can’t have a band without finding other members. Otherwise, you would be considered a solo artist. Decide which role you want to play in the band first. Did you grow up taking guitar lessons and can you pull off a mean guitar solo? You then have what it takes to be a lead guitarist. If you love singing in the shower and aren’t afraid to be the center of attention, you should fill the vocalist role. You then should recruit musicians that play keyboard, drums and bass. You can search “Boston piano dealers,” or local music stores in your city, that have musicians who teach lessons and specialize in these instruments.

Pick a Genre

In addition to finding members, you’ll want to pick a genre for your band. It should be one that you are passionate about and listen to regularly. Many bands start out doing covers, so picking a genre will help narrow down your selection. If you like listening to head-banging, edgy music, consider starting a rock band. If you’re a fan of the Top ’40s, create a pop band. If you like music that is off the beaten path, become an alternative band.

Gain a Fanbase

Nowadays, it’s easy for you to promote your music, book gigs and interact with fans through social media. Create a website where you can put a calendar with all your gigs, allow people to stream your music and sell merchandise.

Now that you have the foundation of a band, it’s time to practice and perform gigs.… Read More..