musicWe smile, we love, we cry. Although the methods we eat music videos in 2018 would’ve been almost unthinkable at century’s start, the impression they’ve on our lives and popular culture remains comparatively related. 5 years in the past, Dante Sanders-Houston was finding out electrical and computer engineering at Northern Illinois University, hoping to at some point construct his personal musical devices.

She was still pondering she would discover her solution to a career within the environmental sciences, or possibly fashion, however songs were additionally pouring out haphazardly: She would simply steal beats she discovered on YouTube, sing over them and throw them again online.

The historic references are overwhelming: the Antebellum-style homes, Beyoncé’s Victorian hoop skirts and petticoats, the now-legendary wide-brimmed hat suitable for American Horror Story: Coven, Blue Ivy happily rocking her fluffy afro, the singer being submerged underwater whereas on top of a police automotive as a nod to Hurricane Katrina , the inclusion of New Orleans stars Massive Freedia and the late Messy Mya.

It wasn’t the primary formidable video the group had recorded – see 2002’s C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips” – nor would it be the last, as the band would solely scale up with subsequent visuals, most recently culminating in 2016’s Upside Down & Inside Out,” shot in a aircraft that simulated zero gravity.

Lil Pump, a.k.a. Gazzy Garcia — an elfin, 17-year-previous South Florida rapper with pink dreads and braces — has recorded more fashionable songs, together with the No. three pop smash Gucci Gang,” which was spoofed twice on Saturday Night Reside.” But Flex Like Ouu” better captures Pump’s ephemeral charisma.

Lately, I spotted a version of Hallelujah” by the a cappella YouTube sensation Pentatonix on a playlist referred to as 20 Finest Christmas Songs to Have Sex To.” Someone, somewhere apparently has peppy, traditional, all-American intercourse to Gene Kelly’s Singin’ in the Rain,” and someone else has managed to wash the one-take, treadmill-choreographed viral music video from her head and use OK Go’s Here It Goes Again” as a instrument of seduction.

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