Drums and the Mind

Meditation in music

Music and meditation go hand-in-hand. Not only does it provide it backdrop for quality meditation, but it can actually become view vehicle for the meditation itself. Let me explain. Basic precepts of meditation are focus, concentration, and clarity. You can actually use the drums as a tool in any meditation process. For one, it provides joy to your life. The activity of learning or playing the drums brings a lot of people peace of mind and inspires their creative juices. Done alone it is a powerful mechanism but now musicians and aspiring musicians can also use this as a way to clear their minds and reach subtler states of reality. Jon Kois who offers the best online drum lessons suggests to his students that they meditate for 15 minutes before playing.

drums and clear mind

Traditional meditation has the person focus on a specific thing that is going on in their being. Whether it is focusing on the breath, the heart rate, or even just an object in front of them. The idea is to draw their attention on a single pointed thing, thereby quieting the everyday chatter of their minds. Playing a musical instrument can do the same thing. You are focusing on the drums you are playing, or the movement of your hands or feet. Especially new students, they have to constantly focus on what they are doing until it becomes natural. That focus on each and every motion creates a bit of a meditative state whereas that is the only thing on their minds.

So every day crazy thoughts that normally occupy our being are simply pushed away or fall away naturally, and leaves the music students with a sense of clarity. Most of the time they are getting this benefit without even realizing it. The key is now to use this as a purposeful tool to not only assist with their Musical prowse, but to be a wonderful mechanism to bring them peace and quiet in their world. This will have a two-fold effect. First, they will enjoy their music on a more deeper level as they see that is not only fun but it’s helping to improve their lives. And the second works in conjunction with the first. They will welcome a chance to practice their craft because they know it will have a strong and healthy fact on there be being.