Band Members and Roles


Once you have become an established musician, how do you go about starting a band? While many bands are built upon long-time friendships, if all of your close friends from school don’t play, then you’ll have to look somewhere else. Once you know what type of music you like to play there is sort of a formula that is recommended by producers. It allows you to build your group from the bottom up. First, what is the image of your band. Are you a pop band, rock band, or a jazz band. Either way, no matter how talented you are, a lot of times the look and feel of the group sells more than the actual music. I know it sounds funny, but that’s the way it works sometimes. I know plenty of bands that don’t have a lot of talent, but people are drawn to their persona. So you need to decide, what is the feel of your music.

Then you want to find other musicians who share you’re same vision. Obviously, you don’t want to tell them that you were considering them just because the way they look. Just in your first meetings, let them know how you think your new venture should move forward. A lot of different websites allow musicians to network for free. Off the top of my head there is Gigmor and Bandcamp. They allow people to share about who they are, what their talents are, and what they’re looking for in other band members. Gigmore may even let you put up a video of your performance so others can get a first-hand look of you in action. Once you have everyone together, is important that you discuss everyone’s role in this new project. This may seem tot structured for rock and roll, but everyone is going to fit into a certain framework anyway, so it would be better to put everything in place beforehand.

looking for new band members

It saves a lot of time and frustration. For example, you may have one member that’s really good at dealing with people. So that maybe the person that contacts clubs and bars looking for new gigs. You always win to have your but best person forward for this most important task. You may have another member that is really technically inclined. They will be your gear person. You will let them do all the gear setup and change out, because they will be the ones that will see any changes that need to be made, or repairs that are coming down the road. People are most joyful when they are doing something they love so setting up in this fashion will allow you to focus on your long-term success.